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Resource Dimensions
  Natural and Social Capital Valuation  

Resource Dimensions has worked on identifying and quantifying the economic impacts and benefits generated by non-market goods and services provided by nature. Much of our work has focused on assessing the wide-ranging benefits using economic valuation techniques to address issues such as the full-cycle valuation of protected lands, trails, resource-based recreation lands, forest lands, wetlands, in-stream waters and other resource lands. Our particular area of expertise is in assessing the economic contributions such natural resources make to local and regional economies—their ecosystem services value. Read the Resource Dimensions' primer on ecological economics and ecosystem service valuation to the annual special Environmental Outlook edition of the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.

Resource Dimensions also specializes in social capital valuation.  Social capital is the collective value of networks, and the inclinations that arise from these networks to assist one another.  Our analyses have measured the value of sound agency-community and intracommunity relationships, which are particularly important in resource-dependent rural communities.

Our approach relies on integrated valuation models which use biological/ecological systems data, social data inputs (e.g. attitudes, values and policy), and economic data inputs to assist in establishing estimates related to willingness-to-pay and valuation rankings for various ecological goods and services provided by nature to assist in developing sound government policies and long-range comprehensive plans.

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