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Resource Dimensions
  Community Service/Pro Bono  

Resource Dimensions is proud of our history of community service and pro bono work. Our diverse and innovative practice devotes substantial resources to a range of community service and charitable activities. For more than 30 years, Resource Dimensions’ people have committed their time, knowledge, expertise and resources to serving the public good!

Commitment to community service is a defining characteristic of Resource Dimensions. Each year we pledge substantial contributions, time and resources to a variety of environmental, land conservation, education, health, and economic development organizations, and agencies.

In the average year, Resource Dimensions partners and associates contribute more than 5,000 hours of community service and pro bono work, at a value to our clients of several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and an equivalent of more than 300 hours per person. Many also serve on non-profit boards and act as advisors to a variety of public interest, education and research institutions, and government organizations.

We help others make profound differences in their communities because it's the right thing to do.

Service Areas:

  • Strategic Business Plan Development

     Resource Dimensions has brought our rich cross-sector experience, diverse analytic skills and entrepreneurial understanding to bear in developing strategic business plans for our clients. Our process includes, among other things, identifying niche markets, trends and expansion prospects, as well as positioning to realistically secure market share given the client’s environment and existing resources. Unique areas of expertise include land trusts, community foundations, green business, research entities, tribal enterprise units, foundations, environmental organizations, park foundations and resource agencies. Our plans and aligned presentations have been praised by the investment community and have resulted in millions of dollars of necessary capital for emerging organizations.
  • Comprehensive Grant Services

     The Resource Dimensions team has successfully developed, secured and managed over $60-million in grants for over 250 public, tribal, non-profit and academic clients. Our services include comprehensive grant prospect research, scoping, needs assessment, case statement and budget development, proposal writing, submission, and tracking systems. Particular expertise includes land trusts, community foundations, regional sustainability planning and related initiatives, research, tribal enterprises, state and federal resource agencies, rural community development, environmental education, land preservation, land acquisitions and parks and recreational facilities.
  • Fund Development & Strategic Fundraising Plans

     Developing a coordinated, unified strategy for fund development and fundraising activities is essential to attaining organizational self-sufficiency and sustainability over the long-term.

    Resource Dimensions strategists have consistently found revolutionary and creative solutions that have served to help our clients to

    • obtain necessary capital financing,
    • secure special program/project and administrative funding,
    • achieve maximum leverage across the spectrum of potential asset pools, and
    • establish competitive differentiation for long-term success.

    We have assisted numerous organizations and agencies in the U.S., Canada, and abroad to devise strategies, implement plans, and develop funds for a variety of project and program efforts ranging from $100,000 to over $25,000,000.

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