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Regulatory & Litigation Support
Our president began her legal sector career in 1982. For nearly a decade her litigation support work spanned from personal injury, to products liability for a multi-national fluid systems handling firm in Minneapolis, to OSHA compliance, to hazardous materials cases. By the late 1980's, Dr. Gustanski had worked with the State of Minnesota Attorney General’s Office and later with the law firm O'Connor & Hannan where her caseload covered a range of environmental, land use, personal injury, property damage, and institutional liability cases.

Today, with practical experience in law, economics, land use planning and resource management, Resource Dimensions offers our clients a unique mix of support capabilities including issue identification, data analysis, and preparation of legal support documentation. For over two-decades we have provided regulatory and litigation support on a variety of complex cases addressing a range of economic and socio-economic impacts of various land use, resource management policies, zoning, and environmental and natural resource damages.

Our work with tribes, governments and non-profit organizations on policy and legal issues have helped to shape direction on some of the greatest questions facing our world today, including:

  • Renewable energy explorations
  • Pollution control and emissions standards
  • Water allocation and rights
  • Resource management and habitat conservation
  • Sustainability planning and community economic development
  • Conservation easement programs and enabling legislation
  • Agricultural land preservation program development and funding
  • Parks and recreation resources, and other public services
  • Education, public health, social and environmental justice

We have supported our clients in securing favorable judgments and awards ranging from $40,000 to $600,000,000.

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